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Ep67 – The Dallas Episode

  Jon calls Shawn from Dallas Texas and recaps his amazing day of sports. They talk indy film making, NASCAR, Joey Lagano, Brad Keslowski, the ugly Bush brothers & Junior… and how you can...

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Ep66 – Matt Dittmann

  Shawn and Jon are joined in the Network Studios by Comedian/actor Matt Dittmann to talk final four, Florida basketball, the difference between college & pro hoops, road trips with Jon, getting ripped off,...

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Ep38 – Jason Lawhead

Shawn calls in from the middle of nowhere (Michigan) and complains about the Cowboys losing. Jon invites Jason Lawhead from the Lawhead’s Court to join in headlines as the three of them talk about...


The Full Count Podcast Episode 20 with Ryan Brown is now available on iTunes TFCP 20- Ryan Brown

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Ep19 – Mike Faverman

The Full Count Podcast Episode 19 with guest Mike Faverman. Mike is another funny comedian in Los Angeles, but he is also a director an the mastermind behind  “Ultimate Camp Cooking” Shawn, Jon and...