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Ep49-Steve Simeone 0

Ep49 – Steve Simeone

Shawn Halpin and Jon Huck are joined by Comedian, and Eagles fan, Steve Simeone. They guys talk Disneyland, Thanksgiving, house sitting, high school football, growing up in Philly, and the wonderful, beloved sports fans...

Ep19 0

Ep19 – Mike Faverman

The Full Count Podcast Episode 19 with guest Mike Faverman. Mike is another funny comedian in Los Angeles, but he is also a director an the mastermind behind  “Ultimate Camp Cooking” Shawn, Jon and...

Ep17 0

Ep17 – Jason Gillearn

TFCP episode 17 – Shawn Halpin and Jon Huck with special guest Jason Gillearn www.irishcomic.com. Jason is one of those comics that comics sit in the back a watch, laugh, and think, “Man, I...