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Ep7 – Eddie Pence & Golden Globes

The Full Count Podcast Episode 07. Shawn and Jon discuss The GOLDEN GLOBE AWARDS, the NFL playoffs. Playoffs… Playoffs…Psstt…Playoffs, did he just say Playoffs? Yes we are talking Playoffs. Yes we are. Comedian Eddie Pence,...

Ep56-Papa-Johns 0

Ep56 – Ryan Brown

Shawn calls in from Dallas & he and Jon welcome return guest Ryan Brown, road manager to the stars. The trio discusses NFL playoffs, Peyton Manning and Papa John, Tom Brady and his  NO...

Ep65-Matt-Knudsen 0

Ep65 – Matt Knudsen Almost Gets Kidnapped

Matt Knudsen joins Shawn & Jon to talk about his marathon / almost kidnapping experience. They also talk college hoops, brackets, Rudyard Kipling, sports, fighting, game shows and concave chests… It’s a doozy. Thanks...

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Ep29 – Anthony Alabi

The Full Count Podcast 29 with Shawn Halpin and Jon Huck with guest from the TCU Hornfrogs, and the NFL Anthony Alabi. Anthony is one of those guys you meet and hope more players in...