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Ep16 – Pat Kilbane and Melissa McQueen

St. Patrick’s Day!!!! The Full Count Podcast wanted to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day with people whose names sound really Irish. Shawn Halpin and Jon Huck are joined by Pat Kilbane and Melissa McQueen. Pat...

Ep28 0

Ep28 – Brian Moses

The Full Count Podcast Episode 28: Shawn and Jon are joined with fellow Comedian Brian Moses. Brain can be see every Sunday and Monday at the Comedy Store as well as in the Academy...

Ep47-Motorhead 0

Ep47 – Motörhead “Aftershock”

This week Shawn and Jon discuss Motörhead and there new album “Aftershock”, Lemmy’s song writing and song titles, and when they partied with Lemmy at the Rainbow, they think. Also the guys go over...

Ep7 0

Ep7 – Eddie Pence & Golden Globes

The Full Count Podcast Episode 07. Shawn and Jon discuss The GOLDEN GLOBE AWARDS, the NFL playoffs. Playoffs… Playoffs…Psstt…Playoffs, did he just say Playoffs? Yes we are talking Playoffs. Yes we are. Comedian Eddie Pence,...