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Ep45-AnthonyAlabi 0

Ep45 – Anthony Alabi

Shawn and Jon welcome back former NFL player Anthony Alabi. They talk about his induction into his high school footballs hall of fame, High school in general, Halloween, the World Series and how great...

Ep39-ScottBowser 0

Ep39 – Scott Bowser

The guys welcome comedian, sports writer and podcaster Scott Bowser (with two T’s) to the Full Count. They talk about the 0-3 & 3-0 teams in the NFL, MLB playoffs, crazy white ladies who...

Ep14 0

Ep14 – Henry Phillips

TFCP Episode 14- Shawn Halpin and Jon Huck welcome one of “Bob and Tom‘s” favorites, Henry Phillips. Henry is one of the funniest comedians working today. Henry is the creator of a hilarious cooking show...

Ep28 0

Ep28 – Brian Moses

The Full Count Podcast Episode 28: Shawn and Jon are joined with fellow Comedian Brian Moses. Brain can be see every Sunday and Monday at the Comedy Store as well as in the Academy...